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I got another email today about hemp tissue paper...for the longest time I couldn't figure out why I was getting so many emails about where to find this stuff until I realized that I mention it's usage instead of tree-based papers in my packaging somewhere on my website. Apparently, it's getting more difficult to come by and the company I originally purchased it from (who sold me five reams at a good price instead of one) is no longer in business.

Time to take that page down, anyway. In fact, I'm leaning towards discontinuing with my web hosting service and switching my domain to a Typepad or linking it directly to Wordpress. I need to cross-post to one of those website/blog combo kind of things, but I know next to nothing about them...Anyone have any thoughts?

In other news, after all the fruit that was picked, dried, sold and eaten fresh, there are still many beautiful pears looking forward to becoming pie:

They keep my mind off the blueberries I'm not picking.

And here are some tomatoes taking their sweet time:

I feel rather like the tomatoes these either from something I ate or too much sun and then the waiting, waiting, waiting. Not to turn red and sweet, however, but waiting for our new life to begin, for the dome-dream to become a reality.

And some other plants need extra help, so we built a Faerie House in the melon patch to attract some friends. There is a soft bed made out of clippings from the little guy's Big Hair Cut, and some fresh rosemary scattered around to lure helpful creatures into taking up residence.

The stress of the constant limbo we find ourselves in is exhausting, but we find small ways to celebrate, the little guy and I:

We light a candle for bedtime story every was time to make a new one for August. I love opening up the package of beeswax sheets...they smell sooooo good. Anyway, we just finished up the plouts, there are deep purple grapes ripening and purple morning glories everywhere...and the lad's favorite color (right now) is purple, so it seemed the logical choice for this month.

More purple awaits me in the dyepots. I had fun making up stock solutions for this afternoon's dye adventures and will have some fibers up in the shop soon!

Happy Wednesday!

Tags: attracting faeries, dye adventures, pears are not blueberries but they'll do, summer
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