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Listy Listy

C is leaving today, and I realize that I desperately need to bring a sense of order to our temporary life in the Bay Area. We don't know how long he'll be up north this time, or whether or not he will be bringing us back with him the next time. Perhaps there will be another couple rounds of this, and as much as I can hope not, I have to prepare for it.

The summer has been slipping away with a lack of rhythm that makes me restless. I pine for the life we'll have when we're all together and have to try too hard to enjoy what I have here in the meantime. I complain about culture shock and feeling trapped when I should be thankful that I even have a roof over my head. Instead of telling myself to stop being such a sniveling, morose little creep, I'm going to make a list.

*Find some new haunts the little guy and I can explore by bike.

*Take at least one afternoon to myself every week. By myself. There are grandparents here, and I must use them.

*Create a production schedule that is actually doable, rather than one that leaves me feeling inadequate.

*Find more creative ways to deal with my food allergies so I'm not hungry all the time or eating things that make me feel like shit.

*Finish all the half-done projects that have all worked their way out of the pile of moving boxes.

*Make good on all my swaps, custom orders and the Meme gifts from way back (hope I can find that post and all the addresses!)

I could add to my list all day, but a small person is requesting my undivided and, well...I don't give it to him often enough.

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