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He Wants To Watch Me Die, er...Dye

Some things just shouldn't be taken out of context, or at least, you hope your kid doesn't say them at the park or the grocery store.

The schedule has been as follows: Dye 1 3/4 pounds fiber one day, rinse the next day. Repeat until 40 pounds have been consumed by color. So far my notes on Greener Shades:

*Aqua: boil the shit out of it (very technical, I know). better yet, just use it for mixing colors and never straight up.
*Black: if you've made a stock solution, shake it up well, as it tends to separate. Otherwise, BEST BLACK EVER.
*Get the book. If you don't enjoy taking notes, it's an awesome guide for color blending.
*Every green has been gorgeous. I love this stuff.

Fortunately, today is a rinse day. I'm getting a little burned out and I'm not quite half-way through. But, I need to take advantage of having an actual kitchen while I've got it. There will be an actual kitchen in the Dome, yes, but it may take a few months to really get things set up. With Stitches East and winter shows looming, I have to get as much of the messy stuff taken care of while I'm still here in the Bay.

My very favorite so far:

I'm plotting a whole series of tropical birds, and this Toucan is the first that was successful.
Before this one, I tried for a  flamingo, but it came out more like cooked shrimp shells...the pink was too peachy...should have been blue-y. Also, a proper flamingo should have some black in it, but I worried that it would spin up a little muddy. So, yeah, I ended up with shrimp, which is not really a bad thing:

She Sells Shrimp Shells By the Seashore. 250 yards, dk weight.

I'm rather addicted to fine spinning these days, which doesn't help me get the production done that I need for a show like Stitches. The falklands seems to lend itself really well to smooth, fine yarns, so who am I to argue? Oh, well. I'd rather have a smaller pile of lovely traditionally spun yarns to sell than a giant pile of uninspired bulky. I'm sure I'll switch gears again before too long.

Random: Entrance Solutions = doors? doormats? red carpets? archways? drawbridges? 
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