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I Love Thursdays

It's Farmer's Market Day!

Therefore, I will torture myself with an ice cream cone from these amazing people. I am supposed to stay away from pretty much every ingredient in real ice cream, but this stuff is art, man, and well worth the headache. And no, I do not get it in a cup...hand-rolled organic waffle cones with chocolate piped into the tip are my new best friend, itchy throat and all. I long for the day they bring candied cacao-nib back to the market, or the raspberry-lemon verbena. So far, I have not seen the same flavor twice in several weeks of market-going. Oh yeah, and I get some veggies, too.

In other news, I admit it. I like dyeing fiber. I really didn't think it was true, but I've spent quite a few more hours this summer over a hot dyepot than I have at my wheel. At first it started out as a fun swap for a friend...dye up some for her, keep some for myself...try these new dyes while I'm at it...twenty pounds later I'm planning out my next sessions in a notebook. What? 

I was going to take a wee break from the pots, but then I got these amazing locks in the mail from Homestead and, well...there's an Anniversary Party/Sidewalk Sale I'll be vending at this week...oughtn't I to bring some fiber?

Inferno (Merino-X), Eggplant (Corriedale), Merman (Rambouillet)

Yes, so please, if you are an SF Bay Area local, Urban Fauna Studio is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary! To celebrate, there will be a sidewalk sale, raffle, Make and Take activities aaaaaaaaand...CAKE! So, come for the cake, stay for some needle felting. Oh, and check out these awesome folks:

Tactile Fiber Arts – Tactile offers spinning and felting fibers and yarns hand-dyed with high quality natural dyes.

The Spun Monkey - The Spun Monkey creates handspun yarn and functional felt from humane wools and fibers from small family farms.

Buy one item, get the second at 20% off for the UFS Anniversary event!

Kira K – Kira offers patterns with clean lines and intriguing details that are interesting to knit and easy to wear.

Girl On The Rocks – During the day she is a geologist, at night she’s a crafter. Girl on the Rocks offers Clever Stitch Markers, colorful fibers and more!

20% off all Girl on the Rocks Fiber and yarn (notions not included)

 Mary Jane's Attic – MaryJane’s Attic sells products and supplies for the fiber artist and enthusiast, such as needle felting kits, hand spinning tools, hand painted fiber, knitting accessories and everything in between!

One Day Only 10-30% off all Mary Jane's Attic Yarns

Hope to see you there! 
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