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Do over.

Today was one of those days when I really wished I had a "do over" button. Like, maybe I should keep one in my pocket like those emergency call buttons old folks carry in case they take an unfortunate spill.

Sometimes, you're just ready for the end of the day to hurry up and get here so nothing else can go wrong. Yeah.

The morning was fine...pretty good, even. The chiropractor commented on my new muscles. I have been growing them with hula and yoga and feel better x a million compared to recent times as a depressed sloth.

The shift occured mid-morning and then I couldn't stop breaking things. The worst of it was what I started with...the Little Guy's favorite bowl. As in, the only thing he's eaten any bowl-centric meal out of for years now. He was, however, much more concerned with the shard of ceramic that embedded itself in my inner pinky finger than with his shattered yellow bowl. We have decided his favorite color isn't yellow anymore, and that was the end of it for him. My finger situation needed a little more attention than that...the cut is deep and jagged and gross and hurts like Hell. I'm hoping I don't have to wait several days to hold a downward dog, but at least it isn't bleeding through the band-aids anymore.

Then I broke a paint jar full of bright blue expensive German paint, coating the Little Guy's pants leg and new sweater...

Then I got the mail and was feeling vulnerable enough to be taken in for the afternoon by a shady letter from the US Trademark something or other. Later on in the day I realized it wasn't for real, but the thought of having to change my business name and start over with something else made me feel ill.

Then I got a convo that the yarn colors aren't exactly right for a custom-order shawl request and I feel like I should have known how difficult it would be to reproduce something I made two years ago, especially when I have so much else going on. I have to back out of it, which feels like failure, which makes me feel 100% lame. Ugh. Will be better about which customs I accept from now on. ETA: She doesn't mind the colors, after all, thank goodness, but I still don't want to do custom knitting anymore.

I have been inspired when the projects are my own. I wish I'd dyed up about 500 pounds of this:

I love Halloween. This one's called Tricky Tricky.

The boy would like to be a PEGACORN this year. I wonder where we're going to be, and does this mean that I should be a unicorn and C a pegasus? I'd love to get C into some giant, manly wings. Hee.

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