thespunmonkey (thespunmonkey) wrote,

Gone Fishin'

We started "school." 

So what better way to celebrate than to make a school of fish? 

100% wool felt, stuffed with wool, string scraps and a tiny, powerful magnet at the tip. At the end of the Little Guy's fishing pole is a washer...he likes to reel them in by winding the string around the stick. I thought about getting really ridiculous with them by giving them guts and bones and a velcro belly so he could prepare them for supper, but...that's for another day or year, perhaps. Fishing, I'm sure, will become a big part of our life when we live on the river.

3 down, 6 more to go:

In other news, we explored a local library yesterday...definitely something to appreciate about being back here in the Bay for a while...the libraries are bigger than my first apartment and have LOTS OF BOOKS. It was awesome. I have been reading a good deal of history and decided to take a break for some scifi and grabbed Never Let Me Go , The Diamond Age and, of course, some knitting books. The Little Guy found Madlenka, and I love her.

Fresh reading material + fish stitching  + Farmer's Market Day = damn near perfect (missing C...)

Tags: booooooooks, unschooling projects
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