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Two Things


Thank heavens. Onto other projects.
Oh, and I like it. Blocking is a grand and miraculous thing.

And this:

She'll clean up good.
Mechanically, it's lovely. 38K original miles. Gonna paint her up like a mermaid someday.
A little nervous about driving into the "big city" (Berkeley) tomorrow, but I guess there's no other way to get used to a car except by driving it...

He likes it.

Sep. 10th, 2009

It's going to be 100 degrees today, and I am covered in blankets, drinking hot chamomile and snuggling with a hot water bottle. Yes, I have the flu, and no, I don't care what kind it is. It's just the flu, and it stinks. Period (and yes, I'm on that, too).

Under "normal" circumstances, I would still be chasing after the Little Guy in this condition, but C happens to be here this week and so they are having school together, dipping apple-halves in tempera paint while I moan and groan indoors.

I am a terrible patient. Terrible enough that I went outside with them at first for circle time and then told The Yellow House (normally The Red House, but we only have yellow and green apples growing in the backyard) complete with props. Then I came inside to collapse, but feel too uncomfortable to sleep, so here I am.

The rest of today's plans include working on the header for my new wordpress blog (new logo = SO CUTE). No, I am not leaving LJ, but rather will be directing my domain name to wordpress instead of my website. My actual website is useless and I'm sick of paying for the hosting. I'd rather spend that $15/month on an ad somewheres. When I launch the new set-up, LJ will become friends-only and public entries will be x-posted. Fun! 

Oh hey, lookie what I finished and blocked yesterday:

It's the Whisper Cardigan from Interweave. I will take some real pics when I don't feel mostly dead. It fits perfectly. I don't think I've ever knit anything that fit perfectly, but it's happened. I would like it, except that it took forever (laceweight yarn = UGH) and so I've grown to detest the color and shape of the thing. I'm sure that will wear off as soon as the temperature cools and it's practical to wear a cardigan. I did add a few inches to the bottom since I don't go for that cropped look. I regret not modifying the sleeves to be full-length as I've never understood the 1/2 and 3/4 sleeve styles. I either want sleeves or I don't. Oh, well.

Another project from yesterday:

Walking blocks for the Little Guy...C grabbed some wood that was destined to become kindling and created many hours of fun.

Alright, fading out...let's hope I can teach my felting class on Saturday...

Um...Please Explain.

We set up some snow bowling outside yesterday, and then the kiddos wanted to go bowling at a "real" bowling alley...

So we took them and here's my question: What in (insert your deity of choice here)'s name is this Candlepin Bowling? Is this a New England thing? If anything will make me move back to California, it might be this. Really. The ball is just big enough that my hand doesn't fit around it and the shape of the pins was...oddly disconcerting. 

ETA: I would have liked Candlepin a LOT better if the balls were just a shade smaller to accommodate those of us with stumpy thumbs. And I'm just kidding...I  LOVE NEW ENGLAND.

Oh, and I test-knit this pattern for Lee of Leethal:

Some funky striping handspun from the early days...
Fun! But not my colors...


It was warm enough in the studio today to play with the carder for more than five minutes. Hooray for a little teaser thaw!

I made these:

Some are for my shop and some are for Urban Fauna...

I have been absent, yes. Winter melancholy is really sinking in...it was warm today, the moonlight is bright and sparkling, but another snap of cold is sure to follow, and it turns me inward...I am ready for Spring and planting veggies and opening windows and muddy boots and only two layers of clothing instead of six.

I hate to say it, but we're still moving...there is a renter moving in March 1st, though, so we have added impetus to complete the process and just be done with it already. One of us has to get out there each day to feed the chickens, who are still holding down the old fort, waiting for their chicken coop to be finished on this side of Hwy 9.
C has been sick on his days off every week for the past three weeks, hence the slow progress...on pretty much everything. It's hard for him to get well when every exposed orifice gets filled with shredded paper all day. He's always pulling chunks of it out of his eyes and ears, constantly blowing it out of his nose. Gross.
However, after the job he's working on is finished, it looks like his hours will be pretty dramatically cut. The economic crisis has finally trickled it's way down into the cellulose insulation industry.

So. I'm getting my arse in gear, applying to shows and regularly updating the ol' Etsy. Starting with tonight's ball update and continuing with some yarn and felt scarves throughout the week.

Oh, and I tried hanging out with a new friend:

Apparently we have zero chemistry. Needless to say, our relationship is already suffering. Sigh. We'll try to work it out, though, so no details for now.

Mr. Lendrum, however, has come through above and beyond...LOVE HIM. New parts are on the way to me now, at no charge. LOVE HIM.

And now I shall attempt to rest even though the night seems brighter than the day and this giant round moon makes me crazy. Chocolate cookies have been washed down with peppermint tea and the house kitties are on the prowl, waiting for me to turn off the light so they can use their night eyes.

I'll leave you with this:

I made a hat. (Rav link)
I love it.


I've been so disoriented with this move, I had to be reminded more than once of what was happening today...

Yes, I am that self-centered right now. It's kind of hard not to be when there are monumental changes happening in my own tiny life. I wanted to get really excited and celebrate and all that...but...today was a school day for the little guy, which meant I had to take advantage of that time to make a run to the old house to feed the chickens and grab what I could (the chickens are still living there, 40 minutes away, until we finish building a coop for them over here. Funny, they seem happier and healthier than ever...), get back here, unload stuff, maybe unpack some of it, maybe store some of it, and then it was my night to cook dinner for the household, which I enjoy, but by the end of the day lately I feel I've run a marathon and wrestled with a dinosaur. Crafting, writing, thinking is not happening much until we get a bit more settled. Anyway, most every day is ridiculously over-scheduled....except now that we have a communal situation going, I am on cooking-duty for eight people two nights a week instead of three people every night of the week. I find it delightful and hope we continue the theme of community suppers even after we move into the cabin this summer. It's so much more satisfying somehow, to cook for a larger group of people occasionally than smaller meals all the time.

So, dino-wrestling aside, I know this is the perfect thing for us right now. Our housemates are amazing and fabulous people and we jive in a million ways. I just think a week-long nap is in order, and the Magical Moving Faeries can finish things up for us while I sleep. Is that really too much to ask? 

In the midst of my current chaos, I finished something!
The Little Guy's sweater...finally:

He's already got it pretty well covered with bits of food and other oddments of fascinating texture and color, so I'm glad I was able to sneak a few pictures when it was fresh.

The Good, the Bad and the Freak Out

The Good:

Spectrum Shift (props go to Banadura for the awesome squishy-soft handspun)
Love these.
I love them for myself, but will be selling them at BBB, anyway.
Will make more.

The Bad:

This is the bulky flyer for my Lendrum.
This is what happens when you've done something really horrible in a past life and the Craft Gods want you to suffer.
Chronology of Disaster of Epic Proportions:
-Happily finish up a bobbinful that I've spun on the bulky flyer.
-Remove flyer assembly and place in basket on the floor.
-Basket tips over just enough to topple out said flyer assembly.
-BULKY FLYER BREAKS IN TWO PIECES.  A week before BBB! It fell less than a foot! 

Turns out, the flyer is made up of two perpendicular pieces GLUED together. No dowels, no rods...nada. How much did I pay for this? So, it went into traction, after the husband drilled and added dowels for stability. Brilliant, no? Yes. BUT, there's no way to really "true" it up at home. It will get me through the week now, but there is a slight wobble and I will need to order a new part tomorrow. And I think I will also have to purchase the damned expensive special carry bag for my wheel and it's accoutrements, since I suppose the lesson learned is that you don't carry around specialized pieces of equipment in a woven basket. The thing must have been ready to go for a while if it broke so easily. Totally my fault, methinks, but seriously...only glue?
So, anyway, yeah...take care of your tools or stupid things like this happen at really inconvenient moments.

The Freak Out:

You-Know-What is in one week!
I'm in pretty good shape, I think. Lots of scarves, lots of yarn, but I still feel like I need to work on lots more of everything. There are about 30 ornaments that are cut out and embellished...just waiting to be sewn and stuffed. I would like to take photos of my favorite pieces...just because, but I may not get to that. Especially if we try to move this week. We were going to try to do it last week...ha, ha, HA!

In other news, we had snow today:

I'm making a funny face, but ignore that and notice the yummy Wooldancer yarn in my scarf. I was saving this swap yarn for a blankie project, but now the amazing natural fiber fabric store in town is selling gorgeous wool...as in, I can just buy a length of woven wool fabric and have a pretty inexpensive, incrediby warm and beautiful blanket. No knitting required. So, now I can knit up some things for sale with my formerly-hoarded-for-blankie-project indie-spinner stash.

Shortly after the above picture was taken, our snow turned into RAIN. Awful, awful stuff. Now we will have a nice sheet of super-dangerous ice to drive on in the morning.
I want my snow to stick!

Ooooh...the power just flickered off...yikes! weather! Must be time for bed.

It's the little things...

Yes, I just discovered I could change the settings on my system preferences to enable a right-click with my track pad. Very exciting, this! 

So now, even though I have no idea where my mouse is, I can show you THIS:


Could we look any more unimpressed with our costume? Hmmm? 
Actually, he had a lot of fun in it, and I got a little taste of what my mom would probably call "payback" for all the ridiculous sewing I made her do for my Halloween costumes through the years. I sewed pieces of felt to his wool balaclava, whilst trying to make sure I'll be able to take it all apart later (as the balaclava is an essential item in a child's wardrobe about eight months out of the year here), and ran wire through the ears. The intention was to be able to pose the ears in a floppy way, but they were so hilarious standing straight up that I just had to leave them that way.

Most of the time, though, he wore this face, so it was all worth it:

C and I looked like this:

We didn't scare anyone.

In practical, everyday costuming, I'm working on something purty for the poppet:

It's a cozy sweater, and when it's finished (almost!), I will be exceedingly envious of the warm little bean. I played with some Fibonacci inspired striping...the Little Guy has promised a short photo session once it's finished, as I'm sure it will be the only un-stained, perfect moment in the life of this sweater.
Mine is up next, but I'm trying something new: Finishing What I Start. I imagine a sense of completion is a rather comforting thing. There are currently six projects on needles right now, and I'll be ticking them all off this month, even as I bust my arse for the BBB and various local holiday craft events.
I let myself off the hook and celebrated the end of Farmer's Market season by taking a week off. Technically, I did do some carding today, and some listing earlier in the week, but myself and my wheel have rested...probably a silly thing to do with the holiday season fast approaching, but I figure I'll have a fresh new bee in my bonnet and will quickly make up for the down-time.

There are things brewing...like moving my studio, but more on that later. In the meantime I need to figure out how I'm going to get my sauerkraut going when there is not a spot in my house consistently above 60 degrees. Yikes. And brrrrrrrr....

Three Words

It SNOWED yesterday.

Oh, and I'm still alive. Promise. Just needed to take a hiatus from journaling and trying to keep up with more than my own crazy life. Please boost my ego and tell me you missed me.

Here's something to show you:

Recognize the yarn, misshawklet ???
Yes, it took me THIS long to use it. 

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